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Will patent lawyers be relocating to Germany in 2012?

Discussions surrounding where the new European Unified Patent court should be based are heating up in the legal world. Munich, Paris and London are all potential locations however ministers still haven’t been able to agree on which one to pick.

For over 30 years the debate has raged over the creation of a single patent law across the European Union, however disagreements among the EU governments have so far delayed all progress. Spain and Italy are the latest members to voice strong opposition to the single patent regime due to language issues leaving the other 25 of the 27 EU members to decide where the central division should be located.

The current favourite amongst ministers is rumoured to be Munich, but a final decision has yet to be made. All three potential locations have been putting in strong bids for the division as it will hold many benefits. Not only will the country that wins the central division hold an unrivalled market but it will also see economic gain. This does mean however that if London is unsuccessful in its bid that UK patent lawyers will have to consider relocating in order to practice in the competitive profession.

It’s far too early to tell just how much this will impact UK lawyers but it is likely to change the way UK patent law is practiced as we know it.

Justin Kopelowitz, Director of DMJ Legal Recruitment

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LegalProspects to become main sponsor to The Solicitors Group Events in 2012 with the new “Recruitment Zone” added

The SOLICITORS group is the UK’s largest collection of law firms and organisers of the profession’s leading exhibitions and training congress. The events provide excellent value CPD training and a unique opportunity to research the latest products and services available to the legal profession.

After a successful 2011 are to become one of the main sponsors of the group of events that are held throughout the year.

• London in March 2012

• London in September 2012

• Birmingham (NEC) October 2012 is one of the UK’s leading specialist recruitment job boards for the legal profession. It keeps candidates up to date with the latest legal jobs, while allowing employers to attract the best possible candidates.

This partnership will look to bring a new section to the exhibitions featuring in both the London & Birmingham events. “Recruitment Zone” will enable candidates to seek help/advice on Recruitment, Training, CV Advice and different Associations and much more.

Darren Flynn from said;

“We’re very excited about this new partnership, with so many candidates trying to get into the industry or progress their career, this is a great opportunity to seek help, advice and assistance in achieving that goal”.

“Times are challenging the moment, but there are still so many positives in the industry. We are seeing an increase in the number of vacancies coming through to and this new zone will bring both a new and exciting addition to the events as well as a new audience to the events“

Wayne Spencer from the Solicitors Group Said;

“We are delighted to be working with in this exciting new initiative. We are confident that the Recruitment Zone will add a new dimension to the profession’s most popular networking events and will provide a set of unique opportunities for both recruitment agencies and candidates”

If you are keen to find out about exhibiting within the Recruitment Zone in 2012 or to book your stand, please contact the Solicitors Group on Tel: 01332 227682. For any recruitment needs please contact on Tel: 0844 561 9250

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Ethics in the City

The scale of City workers pay and the ethics of modern capitalism is a hot topic at the moment which we have been monitoring closely. While protesters have been camped outside St. Paul’s Cathederal for over a month now, demonstrating against corporate greed, a report released by St. Paul’s Institute has revealed that 75% of respondents agreed that there is too great a gap between the rich and the poor in the UK.

The survey ‘Value & Values: Perceptions of ethics in the City today’ found that 66% of respondents felt that City Bankers – and the lawyers that work for them – are paid too much adding to the perception that capitalism is synonymous with greed. With the debate heating up in relation to the balance of business and ethics – is it now time for the legal profession to start tackling this issue?

The English legal profession has moved a long way from the public perception captured by Charles Dickens in Bleak House. However the pace of change has been slow. Should lawyers now be looking at more ethical ways to approach business and question decisions further instead of focusing on monetary gain? While there are obviously regulatory bodies in place, such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Bar Standards Board to monitor lawyers, more needs to done to help improve the ethics and perception of the profession.

Many people argue that the City needs to reconnect with its moral foundations as it has lost sight of the need to do good. Partly blamed on the lack of human interaction within businesses due to the increase in technology, personal links are not being formed and therefore more ethical approaches are being ignored. The sense of community has been lost with many regarding corporate social responsibility projects from large law firms as nothing more than merely public relations and spin.

However some areas of business are beginning to create new ways to tackle this problem. Take for example the Harvard Business School oath which is a voluntary pledge for graduating MBA’s and current students to create value responsibly and ethically. The long term goal of the oath is to transform the field of management into a true profession that is respected for its integrity, professionalism and leadership. However, is this a realistic expectation that the legal profession could implement?

Protesters outside St. Paul’s Cathedral reflect the concern felt by many across the UK and represent a need to change the culture of businesses. But is this realistic for the legal profession? How can law firms be more transparent? Time will tell, but we will be keeping a close eye on the debate.

Justin Kopelowitz, Director of DMJ Legal Recruitment

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